Poppin and Sorel results.
Poppin first day exc 1. PRM, second day exc.2. junior class.
Sorel both day exc1. CAC and res.CACIB!
With this title she become Croatia Show Champion!
Thanks the beautiful weekend - Hazafi girls and Renátó!
Poppin 16 months old.
Sorel is 2,5 years old. 

In this show we participated in Sorel dog is where Fiona Thurn (UK)very nice criticism of Sorel won his class, with a very strong class (13 males, called open). Thank you for the criticism, as well the Hungarian and foreign friends to be honest with your raceand great company :)
(most sound in movement, covering the ground really well, excellent layback of shoulder, angulation front and rear, short coupled appearance. Lovely head and expression, a little heavy in bone for me, quality dog, very nice handled and presented)

Thanks a lot photos Melanie Wastyn-Petschka!



Profivet Small Animal Veterinary Surgical and Medical Center,
dr. Mr. Pál Péter Muka
HD-A and ED-0 
excellent certificate!
I'm very proud and very happy!

First day:

Sorel open class, very strong competition: exc. 2. res. HR-CAC 

Poppin young class, also a very strong competition: exc. 1 HR-PRM, Best Junior and Junior BOB. 
Poppin this result qualified for Cruft's

Second day:

Sorel open class, very strong competition exc. 1 HR-CAC, res. CACIB 
Poppin young class exc.2.

Seven healthy puppies were born in the Gáláns Golden retriever kennel.

We wish you a puppy loving owners and happy life!

Sorel and Bridgi
(Fly Over the Golden-Hill du Bois de la Rayere & Gálás Bridget Jones)
pairing born litter is expected in late July.
More information: www.galans.hu
The parents:
and the puppies :-) 

Poppin pre-screening (HD; ED)
Nagykanizsa /H/, László dr. Boa, BoaVet.
Poppin all free!

We are very very happy :)

We spent three wonderful days in Salzburg than Poppin and Sorel.

17. May. Österreich Retriever Club Show
Sorel, was shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent , Judge: Jennifer Hay (GB)
Poppin, puppy class: very promissing 1. Judge: Hilary Lambhead (GB)
Poppin is Puppy Club Winner

18. May. World Dog Show
Sorel, was shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent , Judge: Paul Jentgen (LUX)
Poppin - puppy class: very promissing 1. Judge: Claudio de Giuliani (I)
Poppin is Puppy World Winner'12

19. May. World Club Dog Show
Sorelwas shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent  Judge: Hilary Lambhead (GB)
Poppin, very promissing 1., Puppy class winner,  Judge: Hans Rosenberg (S)
Poppin is Puppy World Club Winner'12

Thanks to all Adriána Németh!

Grooming: André Kutyakozmetika.
Thanks Andi and Kriszti.

Sorel (Fly Over the Golden-Hill du Bois de la Rayere) and Didi (Ashbury Deep in my Heart) puppies,
3 bitch and 2 dog
today arrived.
Welcome Angels!