In this show we participated in Sorel dog is where Fiona Thurn (UK)very nice criticism of Sorel won his class, with a very strong class (13 males, called open). Thank you for the criticism, as well the Hungarian and foreign friends to be honest with your raceand great company :)
(most sound in movement, covering the ground really well, excellent layback of shoulder, angulation front and rear, short coupled appearance. Lovely head and expression, a little heavy in bone for me, quality dog, very nice handled and presented)

Thanks a lot photos Melanie Wastyn-Petschka!



Profivet Small Animal Veterinary Surgical and Medical Center,
dr. Mr. Pál Péter Muka
HD-A and ED-0 
excellent certificate!
I'm very proud and very happy!

First day:

Sorel open class, very strong competition: exc. 2. res. HR-CAC 

Poppin young class, also a very strong competition: exc. 1 HR-PRM, Best Junior and Junior BOB. 
Poppin this result qualified for Cruft's

Second day:

Sorel open class, very strong competition exc. 1 HR-CAC, res. CACIB 
Poppin young class exc.2.

Seven healthy puppies were born in the Gáláns Golden retriever kennel.

We wish you a puppy loving owners and happy life!

Sorel and Bridgi
(Fly Over the Golden-Hill du Bois de la Rayere & Gálás Bridget Jones)
pairing born litter is expected in late July.
More information:
The parents:
and the puppies :-) 

Poppin pre-screening (HD; ED)
Nagykanizsa /H/, László dr. Boa, BoaVet.
Poppin all free!

We are very very happy :)

We spent three wonderful days in Salzburg than Poppin and Sorel.

17. May. Österreich Retriever Club Show
Sorel, was shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent , Judge: Jennifer Hay (GB)
Poppin, puppy class: very promissing 1. Judge: Hilary Lambhead (GB)
Poppin is Puppy Club Winner

18. May. World Dog Show
Sorel, was shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent , Judge: Paul Jentgen (LUX)
Poppin - puppy class: very promissing 1. Judge: Claudio de Giuliani (I)
Poppin is Puppy World Winner'12

19. May. World Club Dog Show
Sorelwas shortlisted to the best 6 intermedia class with excellent  Judge: Hilary Lambhead (GB)
Poppin, very promissing 1., Puppy class winner,  Judge: Hans Rosenberg (S)
Poppin is Puppy World Club Winner'12

Thanks to all Adriána Németh!

Grooming: André Kutyakozmetika.
Thanks Andi and Kriszti.

Sorel (Fly Over the Golden-Hill du Bois de la Rayere) and Didi (Ashbury Deep in my Heart) puppies,
3 bitch and 2 dog
today arrived.
Welcome Angels!


 Netherlands lead breeder of Golden Retriever, judged by Bart van Maren.
(Hellacious Acres kennel)
was a very curious opinion of Bart my dogs

Poppin the little 5,5 months old, very nice critique:  Best Baby in Show :-)
Thank you very much Bart and Srecko Kukic (Cro)

Sorel is also very nice critique: exc. 1. CAC-HR and finally Best of Breed!

Thank you Adri Németh my dogs perfect handling!