Super news!
Pearl of Golden-Hill Casablanca "Gésa"
(Ch. JW. Catcombe Cock A Doodle Doo & H.Ch.Alaszkai Ykon Csillám "Trixie")
Health results: 
HD-A and the ED: 0/0.
Scanning VEZÉR Állategészségügyi Centrum - Debrecen /H/ László Dr.Győrfi and Tibor Dr.Dancsházi
Thank you Katica Szilágyi!

It was a fantastic weekend!

Fly Over the Golden-Hill Du Bois de la Rayére "Sorel"
excellent 1 JCAC; Derby winner'2011; Best Derby winner'2011; BOB and res.BOG

 Judge: Alberto Cuccillato (IT) Thank you very much!
Thank you Andrea and Krisztina the grooming and Adriána Németh the beautiful handling!

Pearl Of Golden-Hill Winter Memories for Rumba "Nina"
first junior class, very nice critique,
excellent, only 9 months old. 


Pearl of Golden-Hill Winter Witch "Witch" excellent, and

Pearl Of Golden-Hill Winter Fire "Gino"  excellent 2.



Super weekend we spent with our friends in Austria, Tulln.
Sorel today, very nice critique:
"Very masculean head, dark eyes, good strong bone, need feat, lovely reach of neck, level top line, well bend stifles, superbly balanced outline, moved with plenty of drive, Expertly handled." 

JCAC, Best Junior  JBOB, and the group 8 JBOG 3.
Judge: Mrs. Heather Morris  (GB - kennel Sandusky)
Thank you very much Krisztina Süli, Sorel beautiful handled! 

We've got today .............
Sorel's health check results from England (BVA)
Hips: 5/4 (FCI A)
Elbows: 0/0 (FCI free)

We are so happy!
Thanks for all the help Krisztina Süli!

We had a fantastic weekend in the Netherlands on the Euro-dogshow,where our kennel represented by 2 of our dogs and a dog bred by us.

Junior dog:
Fly Over the Golden-Hill Du Bois de la Rayere "Sorel" junior class - excellent 3.
I again have to say thank you for this fantastic dog to his breeder,  Mr.Bruno Facq

 Thank you for this photo Kriszti and Gabor!

Pearl Of Golden-Hill Winter Fire "Gino" puppy class - Promissing 2. res.Eu.puppy winner!
Congratulations Kata and Andris, very nice result!

Pearl of Golden-Hill Winter Memories for Rumba "Nina" puppy class - Promissing 3.
I would like to say thank you Krisztina Süli,too,for her help in my dog's handling and thanks to Ancsa and Marci,because they prepare perfectly Nina for this show.

20 august 2011. 
Sorel junior class: exc., Judge: Vítková Viera /SK/ 

21. august 2011. 
Sorel junior class: exc 1. CAJC ., Judge: Gabriella Ridarčíková /SK/
Thank you for this very nice result!
Thank you for this photo Zsolt Grégász! 

Pearl Of Golden-Hill Aisa "Szöszi" working class

exc. 1. CAC 




Pearl Of Golden-Hill Winter Witch "Witch" puppy class
very promissing!


Congratulations Marika and Noémi, this is very good result!

Thank you Adriána Németh the excellent handling, and Edit Mezőfi very good photos. 

Sorel the World Dog Show
was shortlisted in the 10 best dogs in Junior class (out of 46)
I am very happy with the result.
Thank you Bruno this is fantastic dog, and Adriana Németh the handling!

Beautiful results in this the show


Sorel fantastic results this the show
Class and BOG: Vilmos Kardos /H/
Junior BIS: Zsuzsanna Váczi Balogh /H/
and the BIS: András Kórozs /H/

Sorel in the BIS

Thank you very much!

Sorel: JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, Junior Best in Show, BOG and reserve Best in Show! at his age 10 month!



Many thanks to Adriána Németh, Sorel beautiful presentation.!

Excluded from puppy Pearl of Golden-Hill Winter Fire "Gino"
A very nice criticism: Very promissing 1. Baby BIS proposed

Congratulations Kata, well done!
Thank you Adrian Nemeth of your help!

Sorel and Gino grooming: Andrea Demeter


Nina hip and elbow pre-results


If you want a healthy, beautiful puppies do not hesitate to contact us search.
Nina available!

Nina 6,5 months old.