About us

About us:

After August, 2005, when we have managed to pass a work exam with our just 1 year old dog, called Trixie, a thought started to formulate in us. It suggested to involve our dog with its great abilities into breeding, because it was a perfect representative of its breed.

Our kennel’s name was born: because we live on a hillside and its soil is like golden sand, and the dogs breed is golden, we thought the only thing, which is missing is pearls.

Az aranydomb gyöngye - means Pearl of Golden Hill

 We spent a lot of time thinking about registering the name of our kennel in English or in Hungarian, but in the end, we figured out that the English expression can be understood all around the world, while the Hungarian name could be quite attached.

 In spring 2007, the first litter born in our kennel.

Finding the real suitable stud dog to Trixie was an important aspect , because regarding dog meeting, we could only think about a dog who had got the perfect filtering tests. The other basic aspect was that the other dog had to have the same excellent work ability.

As long as we are not sure if the recently born dogs have
the same abilities as Trixie, we don’t  calculate with the next litter. Our aim is to have dogs that are totally appropriate for their hound breed. To be healthy, fit for work, reliable, childloving, calm, beautiful and gleeful mates for their future owners. 

Sebestyén Lajos és Zsuzsanna