HCh. SloCh. HJCh. Pearl Of Golden-Hill Ampelos "Boó"

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Pearl Of Golden-Hill Ampelos
(FTW. ICh Royal Crest Gold 'N Over The Rainbow & Ch Alaszka Ykon Csillám)

Pedigree - K9-data

Born: 20.04.2007., our breed golden male


HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0
Eyes clear
Prcd-PRA: Normál (Optigen)

Hungarian Junior Champion
Hungarian Champion
Slovenian Champion

Breeding permission
Ability and temperament test
Hunting Ability Exam


Boó is remarkably pliable, devoted and wishing to be a suitable hound who can feel its owner’s
every single vibration. He is unbelievebly temperamental. His persistence and wishing to find and fetch is enviable. 

He never gives up, he won’t ever return empty-mouthed.

He is totally able to take part in competitions, his nerves are stabil, eagerness to compete has no negative effect on him.
At the age of 18 months, he succesfully passed his Hunting Ability Exam, he almost gained maximum scores. 
In England, in the so-called CLA Game Fair competition, he managed to get the 2nd place in team in 2009. He was only 2 years old. He shows respect to our other dogs, he doesn’t  show any signs of dominance opposite them.
He has had great results in exhibitions:
by the age of 15 months, he has already won Junior Champion, BOB, res. BOG.

We hope, he will render his great abilities well. Boó is looking forward to getting applications from female dogs who has an FCI pedigree, a hunting test, a breeding review, screened for dysplasia and eyes, 
and their health can be proved. (in case of HD A, B, or C)

If you want Boó to be the stud dog for your dog, please look for us.


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Boó os 2 months old

Working results:
 WT E class: 1x 2. + Judge'choice
WT L class: 1x 2. 2x 1., + Judge'choice
WT M class: 1x 1.
WT S class: 1x 4. 1x 12. and the team 1x 2. és 1x 6.

Show results:
2*BOB; 2*r.BOG; 1*r.JBIS; 1*r.CACIB; 5*r.CAC; 4*CAC

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